This Service guarantees one advising personalized to the customers, in conformity with the new dispositions in matter, with representation directed near Customs of Perugia and connections with the other National and International Customs centers

  • T.E.(Temp. Exp.)
  • Definitive
  • T.I. (Temp. Imp.)
  • Intrastat (Elaboration and Presentation list for the intracee operations)
  • Customs advising: Monetary Merceologica Treasurer
  • Telephone attendances via fax email for all the norm and problematic the customs ones for Communitarian Iva for Intrastat
  • Ministerial authorizations and release certify

Simonelli Shipping s.r.l

Understood Them Social 98.000 Euro

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C.C.I.A.A. PG 159101

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